Wildlife Photography

wildlife photography

Herman Steyn has a real passion for wildlife photography. He specializes in rare and exotic animals, and has photographed many famous exotic wild animals, like Jackpot.

Many of these wildlife photographs are ideal for marketing as well as auctions.

Attached please find some of our wildlife breeder references:

Motswiri - Marius Mynhardt

Blydevallei Game Breeder

Hein Muller

Buffelberg Game

Koedoesvlei Wild

Claudiushoop Wildsplaas

Jay-el Game Breeders

Gravelotte Game

Lekkerleef Wildstoet

Pieter Kloppers

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All wildlife photographs in catalogue taken by Herman Steyn.

We are intruducing short video clips to our services, which can also be used at auctions.

See example here: